We take care of the complete plastering of your property. New construction or renovation, redesign or extension: contact us so that we can make you an offer tailored to your project. Plastering is a traditional construction method that uses mortar to coat the walls, floors, and ceilings of a building.

In the plastering project, the plastering and the outer plastering are usually used to plaster the plasters located in various parts of the room, such as the floor, ceiling, wall skirt, skirting line, inner stairs, etc.

Acoustic plasters are mainly used in historical buildings, such as churches, castles or old halls. These plaster systems are designed to positively influence the room acoustics. We have been using these absorber solutions for many years and can provide you with comprehensive advice.

External plastering, such as exterior walls, canopies, balconies, roofing, etc. The internal plastering is mainly to protect the wall, improve the indoor sanitary conditions, enhance the light reflection, and beautify the environment; in the room susceptible to moisture or acid and alkali corrosion, it mainly plays the role of protecting the wall, the ceiling and the floor.

External plastering is mainly to protect the wall from the wind, rain, snow, improve the wall moisture, weathering, heat insulation, improve the durability of the wall, and also the artistic treatment of various building surfaces. One.